answer with 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this ask to 10 of your favorite followers

tagged by @that-emo-killjoy thank you so much!!! (i loves your answers btw)

1. my taste in clothes (this button up i got the other day it is AMAZING)

2. my music taste

3. my taste in books

4. my ability to keep myself calm (usually)

5. my mouth

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Thankyou babeeeee

1. I know shit about astrology and that is solid

2. My friends I have good friends

3. Family they can be funny

4. I am determined in things

5. People mostly laugh with me and not at me so that’s nice

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!!! thanks for the tag guys :DD

1. my determination to do/get something when i really, really want it

2. ability to somewhat quickly catch on to things when learning abt stuff like math, science, etc.

3. ability to keep going even if everything’s going to shit (most of the time)

4. my passion when it comes to stuff i like

5. my hair

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!! i love this!!

1. i can make people laugh

2. im very good at making playlists

3. i’m good at learning new things and especially trying to master new forms of art

4. my confidence and belief that Everything Will Be Okay or I Will Make It So

5. i love my capability for constant change, im the most dynamic character i know

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Hmmm this is interesting.

1- I like my veins

2- I like my hair

3- I like how my personality and looks are the complete opposite

4-I like how I focus when I’m writing poetry

5- I like how calculating I am

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Thanks for the tag!! I love it! <3 

Here goes: 

1. I’m smart

2. I have good work ethics

3. I have good social interaction skills and can make friends easily

4. I make mistakes, but I try learn from them as much as I can and try to be a better person after

5. I have a bubbly, optimistic personality and outlook in life. 

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aaa i love this! thank you for tagging me <3

1. i like my body!! even the flabby, imperfect parts 

2. my music playlists they are my Babies

3. i always try to help my mother (altho im still spoiled deep down inside)

4. i love that i can write and speak in english w/o having to take any additional lessons (just from school and watching a shit ton of movies when i was a kid)

5. my ability as a performer

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Thank you so much, @a-quietsoul for tagging me!!! This means soo much!! :-))))

So to begin with:

  1. I love that I can actually make someone see the brighter side of a situation and help them overcome it.
  2. I love my cheeks a lot ( i dont tell that to anyone xD) I have a little dimple on one.
  3. I also love my hair.
  4. I love my ability to write; because it helps me express myself better.
  5. And lastly, I love my body; which I’ve hated for a long while but not anymore!💕

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Thank you lovely @asoulinthemistofbodies for tagging me. Great responses! I see we have so much in common <3 

Here are mine:

1. I am intensely protective of the people I care about and things I am passionate about.
2. I love how I can be so gentle and calm and just as fierce when there is a need for it.
3. I love my hair. I love how unusually dark it is – the blackest of black – and so hard to tame!
4. I love deeply. I care deeply. I am deeply moved. I am expressive and engaging. There is so much I feel.
5. I indulge in my imagination and creativity. As a writer and poet, this is the most wonderful side of me.

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