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I’ve been tagged by the incredible @definegodliness, thank you! To tell you the truth I am feeling more than a little spoiled with all the recent attention *blush* <3

Countries I’ve lived in: India, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and now Australia.

Favourite fandom(s): I am not sure if there is one for Stephen King. I adore that gorgeous man!

Languages you speak: English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi (yes you could ask me if I just made those up but they are really real and I speak em haha), a bit of German.

Favourite film(s) of 2015: (1) Ex Machina, thoroughly enjoyed the plot. AI is a favorite theme, although I like the Japanese take on it rather than the Western. The Japanese imagine bots to be friendly and with emotion (like in Time of Eve and Hotori Tada Saiwai Wo Koinegau) (2) Inside Out, for its beautiful visualization of the adolescent brain and it’s interaction with emotion. (3) Star Wars cus its Star Wars! (4) Tangerine, for the very real and touching way in which the story unfolded (5) The Big Short, such a fantastic documentary style movie about the financial crisis of 2007-2008 triggered by the housing bubble.

Last article you read: A how to guide on buying a spectrophotometer. My boss made me 😛

Put your music on shuffle and list the first three songs here:
(1) Pull My Trigger – Miike Snow
(2) Toh Kya Hua – Bilal Khan, Coke Studio
(3) La Mer – Django Reinhardt

Last thing you bought online: Printer cartridge

Any phobias or fears: I have a morbid fear of water – sea, river, pool absolutely anything with water. My partner on the other hand is a strong swimmer and just loves being in the water. Many of the poems I write about water, and there are quite a few, are essentially my imagination of him under water with the waves lapping over his head.

How would your friends describe you: loving, supportive, fun, someone they can count on and someone who always tells them the truth no matter what.

How would your enemies describe you: blunt, stubborn and aloof. I detach easily when someone hurts me and I grieve alone, often for long periods of time.

Who would you take a bullet for: I wouldn’t think as long as it saves someone.

If you had any money to spare what would you buy first: I would build a library.

I tag @rise-a-knight, @madworlddiary, @awhorableperson, @mikefrawley, @highlandsmistwoman, @phoenixheartsongrising, @inrumford, @dustseeker, @rarasworldbro, @jewelrygirl82, @ajttk, @anjo-da-guarda-me, @mormatt15, @scribblingsofstu, @teaberrybee <3

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