An Act of War

We need a soldier’s soul,
have the graves dug up;
Let us all go to war,
that shall win us;
Bring us,
back our glory,
trophies and bodies,
but alive,
with the fever;
Red eyes,
where all the bombs exploded,
that erased entire cities,
and where children orphaned, clung,
onto the hair,
we used as ropes,
to climb up,
citadels and palaces,
that crashed,
like bones,
onto the earth;
And spread,
their layers,
of concrete into our lungs;
Dust that we breathed,
and screams,
when we put our knives,
into butchered hearts,
of people,
who wore no limbs;
But flags that were a different color,
flew in the wind.
we have to defeat,
and crush,
every savage,
who thinks,
war is our enemy.

© soulreserve 2015

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