i’m glad the sun has set on your one year anniversary here. congratulations are in order…

they are planting ginger back home, prayers for rain mixing with dust beyond irrigated fields. we would grow it every three years in the land of my youth, until the last time i saw it planted when i was eight. it was that year i left my sense of home and, oh, such magic happened in every successive one! i remember this season with all senses; my heart knows it even half a world away beyond the reach of many years… it will always know it. i hope you find yourself looking back upon this past year as one of many. the first chapter in your online adventure. plant your own ginger. put your footprints in soft earth, if only to look back and know you were there.

peace n love, @soulreserve


I am moved by the loveliness of this message! How beautifully you interweave the growing of ginger from a special childhood memory, to leaving footprints in the soft earth, to writing. We grow with our ginger, we learn and blossom, become more of ourselves, and this essence of us rubs on the years as they happily pass. Thank you for your warm words, your wishes and love dear friend <3

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