Like a rose and its thorns, you are beautiful and dangerous in your own regard..

because falling for you is easy, seeing your beauty from afar,

how you bloom in the spring.. lush green and vibrant red petals, your glow in the sunlight..

how I love to look at you.. falling for you is easy.. but I move to pick you up

I must be careful; a finger’s width in the wrong direction and I’ve stabbed myself, bled,

coursed crimson red.. yet I’ve managed to grab you..

I’ve plucked you from the garden with my chubby fingers..

now bloody from many attempts, the stinging lingers,

but I think it was meant to hurt.. because loving you is dangerous.. you’re beautiful..

everybody sees you.. blooming.. radiant..

the attempts to have you are shown on your stem,

a few thorns missing in places you were picked by them..

I’m a man of adventure.. seeing you, I sought excitement.. a thrill..

not something just to feel, but something to fulfill

everything I’ve wanted and needed wrapped up in one.. precious, beautiful rose..

I picked you, replanted you.. you’ll regrow and adapt too..

you’ll thrive with me, bloom in the fall, when others lose their leaves..

loving you is hard..

because you are beautiful and dangerous in your own regard..

so it’s easy for a guy like me to fall in love..

as long as this doesn’t end with a broken heart..


Thank you for submitting this gorgeous poem @countingstars13 and trusting me with your work. I didn’t know that my submissions tab was open, all good though and really appreciate the thought <3

Here’s a poem for you in response to yours.

“Love & A Rose”

love withers rose
wilts love
blooms like rose
like rose

my fingers bleed
from holding the rose
you gave me
too tightly in my shaking hands,
the thorns break skin
the rose breaks
of my heart.

he loves me
he loves me not
he loves me not.

I have you
memorised. your rose-fragrance
dancing before my eyes.
this spell you cast
with a simple rose
that I knew
wouldn’t last.

© SoulReserve 2020

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