It was never easy to break me
but you knew how,
And now,
the peices of my heart rattle
in their panes.
© soulreserve 2015
I look into the silhouette of the sleeping city, and wonder, how many colors there actually are in what we carelessly call ‘black’
© soulreserve 2015
God knew how fragile your heart was and he made a cage of your ribs for it;
but nothing stops the heart from breaking before the ribs do,
I don’t think God knew of this…
© soulreserve 2015
Do you think the artist chose the painting,
to hide his pain in?
As poets do words…
© soulreserve 2015
She rests in those spaces,
where sometimes as lovers they met,
as wellwishers they parted
© soulreserve 2015
trembling in the hands of the cold
lips, that seldom spoke
of the infinite warmth of love
© soulreserve 2015