You have two people living inside you,
one who loves me,
another who is wary,
this is how I know you have been hurt before,
and I feel them both.
© soulreserve 2015
poetry was an escape,
until I fell in love,
with a poet…
and now I feel the words constraining me
© soulreserve 2015
It was never easy to break me
but you knew how,
And now,
the peices of my heart rattle
in their panes.
© soulreserve 2015
We all want unconditional love,
but, are we ready to give back half as much?
© soulreserve 2015
Once as a child, I was given a balloon, 
on a happy day;
And I remember wishing for another,
I wanted a day, to be just as good.
Did you ever feel this way? (© soulreserve 2015 )
They are pumping this planet with enough hot air;
You think some day, they will all rise above it?
© soulreserve 2015  (Hot Air Rises)