About SoulReserve

Laksh is an ardent writer and a wistful poet, who goes by the nom de plume SoulReserve. She has written over 1000 pieces of contemporary poetry and enjoys a great readership on her blog – Her poetry explores love and its tumultuousness, the fantasy and zest in nature, and allegories that provoke thought and evoke tender feelings. Her poems about the environment delve into the inherently complicated, perpetually juxtaposed and staggeringly disjointed relationships between nature, history, language, culture and perception.

Her works appear in the anthologies: “Letters To Our Home”, “Across Vast Horizons”, “2019 Poetry d’Amour”, and “2020 Poetry d’Amour”. And, WAPI’s online magazine “Creatrix.” She works as a writer for a number of organisations around Perth and beyond, including The Wetlands Centre Cockburn – a community-based organisation about nature conservation, and Creative Native – an indigenous art gallery in the city.

She enjoys the perks of being a wallflower, but you can reach her at